Docket is an app concept that streamlines users time, so they spend less time on running errands and more time on other things, like hanging out with friends and family. Using data that Google supplies like traffic congestion, store peak times, and hours of operation automates and streamlines the user’s day by finding optimal times to get your errands finished and which routes to take. Oh! And be sure to add a new task inviting your friends out to dinner.


Docket works by you creating a new task and selecting a location, time and duration, timeline, and you can invite contacts too. When picking a location there are two options "Open" and "Fixed". You would pick Open if you wanted to go eat, attend an event or run an errand but don't have a specific place in mind. Fixed would be picked if you already had a location you wanted to go to. Next would be setting up a time which would have the same options, Open and Fixed. Selecting Open allows for that task to be placed wherever in your Docket, while Fixed you let you set a specific time of day. The third option is to pick a timeline, when you want to have the task done by. Do you want the task to be done today or within a week? Lastly is to invite any contacts, the best thing about it is when people once everyone accepts the invite it will automatically fit into everyone’s schedule. Not only does Docket let you set your own schedule, but it also lets users explore different events or locations.